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Paperless Office

The Promise of the Paperless Office
The promise of a paperless office has been touted for more than 30 years. Yet look around most offices, and what do you see? Paper, and lots of it. Paper will continue to be an important business tool for years to come. The challenge, perhaps, is not to create a paperless office, but to create an office where paper and digital documents are woven together in an efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use workflow that revolutionizes the way people work.

eCopy Paperless Office Products
eCopy offers the leading paperless office software available in the market today. Take your office into an efficient, productive, and near-paperless future-today. 

Ask yourself

  • How much precious space do filing cabinets take up in your office?
  • Do you maintain expensive off-site storage for paper documents that you may-or may not-need in the future?
  • What does it cost you to search out a paper document from on-site or off-site storage?
  • What does it cost when a paper document is lost or misfiled and must be recreated?
  • How often do you make multiple copies of important documents, ship them around the organization for review and comment, manually assemble the results, and simply discard all of the copies in the end?
  • When one worker is using the only paper copy of an invoice, shipping receipt, voucher, report or other important document, do others have to wait for its return to do their work? And how do they know when it is back?
  • How do remote workers access important paper-based information? How long does it take to distribute these documents to them?
  • How would you like to eliminate all of these problems?

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