Stop copying your paperwork. Instead, put your paper to work.

They don’t call it “paperwork” for nothing -- it’s impossible to run any organization effectively without working around a lot of paper. But managing paper, and all the equipment that goes with it, should mean one thing: getting more for less. More efficiency. More security. More work. At less cost, less hassle and less waste.

eCopy ShareScan is all about one simple proposition:

Every time paper goes into a machine, real business value comes out.

7,500 reasons to change the way you print, copy, scan and store your documents

Put it in dollars: $7,500 is what the average Fortune 1000 company spends on document-related costs, per employee, per year. That’s money that can be better spent elsewhere. And it doesn’t even touch the hidden costs of lost time and productivity.

eCopy ShareScan lives on your multi-function peripherals (MFPs) to bring more cost-effective, more productive business practices to life, such as:

  • Turning paper information into digital data that can be edited, managed and stored electronically
  • Distributing scanned docs as emails and electronic faxes with secure audit trails
  • Incorporating physical documents into automated workflows that accelerate productivity
  • Eliminating manual data entry and filing and archiving, etc.
  • Adhering to security and compliance requirements you can master and manage
  • Promoting a greener, less wasteful workplace – and saving real green in supplies along the way
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